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I am originally from Concord, California. I work as a web developer, currently in the central valley area. I have worked with the web in corporate and non-profit environments since 1997. My focus is on front-end web design & development, source code programming, digital video and audio production. One could say I am a seasoned “Webmaster,” having tapped into the design, programming and media aspects that drive a total website today. Prior to '97 I briefly worked in the print industry after tech college. It has been an incredible “cyber” ride, based on a true self-fulfulling prophecy.

Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream...

Early Tech Days Before The Net

In late '89, my brother purchased a computer, an Amiga 500. This really encouraged me to pursue computers and programming further. After acquiring that computer a couple years later—and growing tired of staring at the hour glass icon adnauseam waiting for files to open—I saved up and purchased a then screaming Gateway 2000 90mhz PC with a HUGE 1gb hard drive. A Mac 7600 was to follow. I've favored the PC, simply for hardware and computer modification purposes.

The rest is cyber history.


Apart from my vocation of web and media development I enjoy playing music, building computer mods, photography, movies, and laughing.