Work Experience

My professional web industry work experience and cyber journey began in 1997. The roaring 90s!

There is no limit to what we can dream up organically, and put to effective use electronically.

Technical Background and Education

My actual first Internet experience was when I became a Sysop for CompuServe in 1994, helping moderate a couple chat forums on there. This experience intrigued me to learn more about computers and pursue a career with the web. Soon after being involved with CompuServe, I decided to enroll in Silicon Valley College in 1995, the only computer tech school at the time with specialized combined training in computer graphics, multimedia and HTML. The web job market was starting to take off, employers were scouting the school because there were not many people with specific web work experience. I subsequently pursued work in creating websites and graphic art related jobs. I started doing contract work immediately, some of the companies I contracted for were ProVista Intl., March Instruments, Tegal Scientific, GB Products and some other business and parishes in the San Francisco Bay Area. I created my first personal website in 1995 using notepad (That's right, it was horrible) and using one of the first GUI web browsers, Spry Mosaic, offered by Compuserve.

Is it pronounced JIF or GIF? I always said JIF, because that's how Steve Wilhite pronounced it. Go figure... or more appropriately, Jo fijure.

Job Experience

In the Fall of 1997, I was hired on with ZapMe! Corporation, as their web developer. ZapMe! provided a bundled product that included satellite Internet connectivity, a 5 to 15 computer network for the school library, a custom web browser and a custom educational website called the ZapMe! Netspace. As one of the initial 7 people who started the company, the company grew to over 250 people in mid 2000. My roles included being the corporate webmaster (designer, web developer), project manager of 3rd party content integrations and microsite developer. For the most part since the beginning, I was in charge of the ZapMe! Netspace, which included over 5000 pages of educational content, news stories, 3rd party content integration & a Yahoo! style index guide of over 10,000 best of the best educational websites. As I quickly grew with the company and more people were hired, I supervised and trained a team of content editors who contributed to the ZapMe! Netspace. ZapMe! became known nationwide extremely fast, with well over 15,000 high schools installed. Some of ZapMe!'s partners and advertisers included Ford, Toshiba, DELL, Levi's, The Gap, Shick, Clairol, U.S Army, and many more. The critical contributions I made early on for this company, particularly with the many high impact demos I created of the ZapMe! Netspace, significantly helped them obtain the VC funding they needed to expand nationwide and ramp up their IPO.

In the fall of 2000 to late 2002, I have worked as the Web Services Manager for rStar Networks, a spin off company from ZapMe!, based in San Ramon, California. rStar's focus was marketing a product offering including satellite internet connectivity, computer networks, a custom browser and websites for vertical markets, such as pharmacies, agricultural, and the auto industry. My contributions included being corporate webmaster, developing web-based product demos, Intranet development, and 3rd party product integration.

rStar's last vertical, AutoNetworks, was to provide the collision repair industry with Internet connectivity, a computer network, a custom toolbar, and an Intranet/portal that enables all the shops to connect with their vendors for payroll, data distribution via satellite multicast, product purchasing, and distance training for their employees utilizing video and remote conferencing software.

In 2002, after rStar was taken over by their parent company, Gilat, their operations moved to Florida and at that point I pursued contract web work in the Bay Area. I developed web presences for the Cat Cay Yacht Club (for CEO from ZapMe!), Cathedral Basilica in San Jose, and These sites included CMS driven frameworks that included DotNetNuke and then Wordpress, which are browser-based editing capable.

In the fall of 2003 I was hired on as Webmaster for MedicAlert Foundation, the worlds biggest non-profit organization, at its peak. The genesis of MedicAlert was founded by a doctor in 1956. MedicAlert was instantly made famous worldwide by their ubiquitous ID medical bracelet to alert first responders about any conditions a member would have in emergency situations. I revamped their entire website front-end in ASP.NET, created many Flash-based demos, created the worlds first USB medical PHR (personal health record) called the E-HealthKey for the Sandisk U3 usb platform, and maintained their website up until the fall of 2007.

In late 2007 I was hired on with Gallo Center for the Arts in Modesto, CA to build their website in ASP.NET from the ground up, and maintain their mobile website, Tessitura events database and API. I also design and develop e-marketing promotions, create TV video spots for Comcast and gas station media, design & program art for the 20x30 foot LED exterior building sign. The Center is a beautiful building located in downtown Modesto, and I am “jazzed” to work as such a great place.