My Muzak

My music Ever since I was a youngster I have enjoyed music, both listening and playing. I posted some video and audio below. My main instrument is guitar, but I also create compositions using a keyboard synth controller and various software synth VSTs. I like rock, jazz, and instrumental forms of music. My musical influences include diverse artists such as Allan Holdsworth, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Joe Satriani, Brett Garsed, Mike Stern, Weather Report, Plini and many other jazz fusion and classic rock artists. I like adventurous musical compositions, meant to convey a little story within.

The David Wallimann 60 second Solo Contest.

I placed in the top 13 entries, what a humbling experience that was.

Below is my contest entry video. The contest (results) requirement was to create a guitar solo against a backing track created by popular YouTuber and educator/musician David Wallimann. The contest was judged by himself along with other guitar greats such as Dweezil Zappa and Tom Quayle. My approach was to keep it slow and melodic without playing over the top with a lot of speed and flash. I didn't think my entry would even get noticed considering all the great players out there. The second video below is an acoustic guitar fusion-blues piece I created back in 2010.

Other Recordings

The following recorded pieces are merely sketch pads of incomplete demo music. Maybe some day the final results will be uploaded here, but these versions should suffice. Headphones or high-end speakers work best.

» The Key Sphere Part 2 - Electric Guitar, Synth, VSTs

A simple fusion piece I wrote dedicated to our home, planet Earth. I played guitar, the synth parts and programmed the drums and bass. Allan Holdsworth was my inspiration for this piece.

» The Endurance Suite - Synth and VST instruments

I saw a documentary one day about the daring Antarctic expedition of 1914. I was immediatly inspired and came up with this composition based on some improvisational ideas I had on the synth. I wanted the drums to take control so needless to say I made tons of midi edits for the odd flams and double bass drum accents and such! A labor of love, but a bit of a PIA. Pat Metheny was an inspiration for this.

» The Road Revisited - Acoustic Guitar, Synth, Djembe

An acoustic fusion-blues guitar piece I wrote, with inspiration from two great geniuses: Michael Hedges and Ian Anderson. On the road again!