Tech Talk

Windows 10

Windows 10 Windows 10, I love it! Despite the naysayers, I never had a Windows O/S upgrade go as swimmingly as Win10. I personally upgraded from both Win7 and Win8, on seperate machines. The start screen with its customizable tiles is most welcome. The “God Mode” feature makes deep changes easy. My only beef of Win10 is that the Windows Update feature seems to have a mind of its own—hopefully a future service pack will give us more control. Apart from that, I like the speed and compatibility of this better than any other Windows O/S.

Sep 20 , 2015
Responsive web

Responsive web What is all the noise about responsive websites lately? My site is responsive, just resize your browser. The technology makes way for frameworks using HTML5, CSS3 media queries and Javascript to provide alternate versions of your website to resize and fit the web pages into the viewports on mobile devices. Responsive frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation are making a lot of headway these days. Your site can look great on a 1920x1080 resolution and fit nicely in a cell phone 480px viewport. No need for multple versions of your website anymore!

Jan 25, 2014
Is Flash Dead?

Is Flash dead? When I received my Flash MX certification in 2003 I thought Flash was indeed the future of the web. Motion graphics were robust and smooth. When Flash started to dominate the online video space, making FLV and F4V the standard for web video, apparently Steve Jobs wanted Quicktime to be the standard for all video streams. He won. How? When the first iPhone was released it did not support Flash, and that started the slow death as we know it. Google/Android then dropped support (as of Jelly Bean OS 4.1). Because mobile devices are so ubiquitous, web traffic views are 50% on mobile now. It now makes sense to abandon Flash. I am saddened deeply.

Dec 13, 2013